Gee leaves One Essex Court

Leading commercial lawyer Steven Gee QC is leaving One Essex Court to become head of chambers at 4 Field Court.

The Bar has reacted with surprise at Gee's decision to leave the set, which, with 59 tenants and 23 silks, is one of the top four commercial chambers in the country.

The less well-known 4 Field Court is noted predominately for the shipping expertise of current head Geoffrey Brice QC.

Brice will continue in chambers as counsel, arbitrator and leader of the admiralty bar.

Senior clerk Paul Coveney says: “Geoffrey Brice QC has done his five-year term of office as head of chambers, which comes to an end in June, and he has invited Steven Gee QC to take over from 1 July.”

Gee is renowned as a punchy, pugnacious advocate, who is both forceful and combative in court.

He is an assistant recorder, the author of the leading practitioners' text book on Mareva Injunctions and has a highly-rated commercial practice.

Brice says Gee's appointment has the full support of all members of chambers.

“He [Gee] is extremely talented with an enormous commercial practice and someone who is thoroughly respected at the Bar,” he adds.

Gee was abroad and unavailable for comment as The Lawyer went to press.