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Business and HR professionals must avoid getting things wrong when they are right

By Nick McEwen The coronavirus pandemic and the resulting economic crisis has brought with it the inevitable consequence of high levels of redundancies as organisation after organisation struggles to survive in the current economic climate. When a business finds itself in the unenviable position of having to make some of their employees redundant, HR professionals […]

Brexit: The final countdown to secure your workforce

By Tijen Ahmet In just 11 weeks, the UK is set to leave the EU, meaning now is the time for businesses to make any final preparations. On 31 December 2020, free movement will come to an end: a cause for concern for sectors such as construction, hospitality and leisure that rely on EU migrant […]

Why metadata matters

Metadata is data that summarizes other data. Every file saved on a computer includes some basic information about the file, enabling the computer’s operating system to be able to deal with it. The application in use (e.g., Microsoft Word) creates this behind-the-scenes information describing the information contained on a webpage, email, document, or electronic file. […]

How the use of AI in HR technology is transforming the employee experience

By Chris Shenton MSc We at Weekly10 were recently fortunate enough to be able to take part in Wales Tech Week, where our CEO Andy and I gave a talk on the ways in which AI is shaping the future of HR. This includes how we ourselves use machine-learning to provide richer employee engagement and predictive […]

Developers – Are you prepared for a rise in green litigation?

By Alison Ogley, Emma Conwell, David Monteith For environmental activists, conventional campaigning continues, but increasingly it is litigation spearheaded by activists which hits the headlines. Recently even celebrities have been getting in on the act, with Feargus Sharkey, frontman of The Undertones, poised to file a judicial review on the Government’s policies in relation river […]


Barristers' pay is more than enough

Your article “Barristers fight solicitors for share of a shrinking market” (The Lawyer, 21 June) suggests barristers can compete effectively on price by charging a “very low rate” of #50 per hour, and that their overheads are around 25 per cent of earnings. Let’s do some calculations on this. Suppose these barristers work for 30 […]

Rivals in the regions

With medium-sized firms picking up sizeable crumbs from what used to be the big boys’ table, what are Birmingham’s elite and other big Midlands outfits up to these days? Flavour of the month is Wragge & Co – at least from the local legal community’s point of view – with peers heaping lavish praise on […]

Midlands market is ripe for rich pickings

The Midlands legal scene is acknowledged as a dog-eat-dog world. And, with 480 law firms, Birmingham eclipses provincial rivals like Leeds and Manchester. As one managing partner says: “Birmingham’s profile has risen dramatically by hosting events like the G7 summit, the Eurovision song contest and Gladiators.” Despite the region’s manufacturing industry – the traditional bread […]


Principal John Summers of John Summers & Co, assisted by Martin Frankum, advised the London & Henley Group on its purchase and re-funding for 11 properties in southern England. The deal was worth £19.5m and funding was provided by Credit Lyonnais, which was advised by Wedlake Bell.

It's been a bad week for…

The Law Society, which looks likely to lose its self-regulatory powers following a severely critical report on the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors (OSS) by legal services ombudsman Ann Abraham. Complaints against the profession are now running at an all-time high of one for every 2.4 practising solicitors. According to Abraham’s report, “It is, […]

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