Party on

These days Tulkinghorn doesn’t quite have the stamina for the property industry mega-event Mipim, which is a temple for worshippers of the three Bs – boats, booze and birds.

And it seems Tulkinghorn is not the only one to be feeling the strain. One of Tulkinghorn’s minions reports that property lawyers seem to be in a state of post-credit crunch soul-searching over the annual knees-up in the French Riviera.

One firm that definitely won’t be nervously comparing yacht sizes with its rivals is Herbert Smith.

“Mipim is past its sell-by date,” a property partner at the firm said. “Lawyers are seen as vultures. The best you can do is organise small lunches and introduce clients to each other.”

Tulkinghorn is appalled that lawyers are seen as vultures and hopes that this perception is limited to the pie-eyed property lot.

The partner then advised Tulkinghorn’s freebie junky to go to DLA Piper‘s party if he wanted to party like it was 1986. One wonders if property guru David Taylor’s move from Herbies to DLA was motivated by a desire to swap small lunches for big parties.