BPP and CoL in fees spat

BPP Law School is hiking its LPC fees by 10 per cent to £11,550, prompting an outspoken attack from its chief rival.

College of Law chief executive Nigel Savage said: “I can’t see how BPP can justify above-inflation increases at a time when student debts are spiralling and law firms are worried about a potential economic downturn. It’s daylight robbery on the profession.

“Our costs are similar and we provide tailoring for both the profession and individual firms. So I can’t see how they can charge over £1,000 more than us. One can only assume that they’re delivering a better bottom line for shareholders.”

The College of Law is the cheapest dedicated LPC provider in London, despite upping its fees by 5 per cent. The college will charge full-time LPC students £10,340 from September 2008.

The second most expensive LPC provider, City Law School, will charge full-time students £10,600 for the 2008-09 academic year following a 1 per cent increase in fees.

BPP dean Peter Crisp responded: “Unlike the College of Law, BPP does not enjoy charitable status and BPP places a huge value on quality teaching.”