Bombay chicks

Tired after a long day drinking fine brandy, Tulkinghorn sent along one of his scribes to attend a soirée hosted by India’s first entrant to the UK legal market, FoxMandal Little (FML).

Held at La Porte des Indes, an Indian restaurant near London’s Marble Arch, the party was FML’s attempt to do a little dance, make a little love and get down with around 300 of their closest friends in the city.

The scribe reported that the sight of magic circle partners daubed with bindis was worth the visit alone, while their steely determination to ignore the buxom half-dressed belly dancer with a live python around her neck showed the strength of character that makes one proud to be an Englishman.

Tulkinghorn is also pleased to note that some lawyers are making valiant attempts to resist the tide of the so-called ‘feminist’ movement. In this case, a wife was attempting to leave the premises without the permission of her husband.

She unashamedly said: “My feet hurt and I’m really drunk. If you don’t let me go I’ll collapse in the middle of the room.”

Her husband retorted before producing a glass of white wine: “Oh okay, you can go. But only when you’ve drunk this.”

If Tulkinghorn was not drifting into another brandy stupor, he would applaud.