Beachcroft Wansbr-oughs has hired Lawrence Graham's former co-head of corporate recovery Mike Stubbs, doubling the partner capacity in its fledgling insolvency practice

Until now, Beachcrofts partner Peter Rees has run a general insolvency practice on his own.

Beachcrofts is hailing Stubbs as the man to help the firm gain crucial corporate recovery contacts, particularly with the big four accountants and second-tier banks, with which he has relationships.

At Lawrence Graham Stubbs was co-head of corporate recovery, alongside partner John Verrill, who led the department alone until late last year, when corporate recovery was moved into the litigation department from corporate.

Stubbs worked alongside Verrill (who is also the incoming president of business recovery professionals' association R3) on the Football League's £178m case against Carlton and Granada over the collapse of ITV Digital.

One insolvency lawyer said of Stubbs: “He's very well known in the industry and we've always heard good reports about his work. Beachcrofts isn't well known, however, so he's bound to be a very good hire for them.”