Slaughters walks on water

When Tulkinghorn visited the ultra-modern Slaughter and May offices in Bunhill Row last week, he was amazed to learn that several pairs of plain black men's socks are kept discreetly behind the front desk in the reception area.
Tulkinghorn wondered if this was the equivalent of a gentleman's club keeping ties for improperly attired guests. However, it transpired that the socks are a precaution against continuing problems with Slaughters' water feature. The shallow pool installed in the reception area is almost indistinguishable from the adjacent highly polished tiles.
Both clients and partners have fallen victim to the cunning optical illusion and it seems the socks have been provided for just these unfortunates. Tulkinghorn would like to suggest to Slaughters that, in the interests of equality, the firm should consider adding a pair of stockings.