OJ's attorney set to be key speaker at London event

OJ SIMPSON'S controversial defence attorney Robert Shapiro will be coming to London in October to speak about justice, the advantages of a written Bill of Rights and the way he used “reasonable doubt” to get Simpson acquitted.

In a talk arranged by the Graeme Wood Law Consultancy, which runs courses for English lawyers wanting to take the New York and California State Bar examinations, Shapiro will talk on The Search For Justice, the title of his book recounting the experiences of the trial.

Shapiro was the initially approached by Simpson to organise his defence strategy.

He assembled the defence team which included Johnnie Cochran, who led the defence in court.

Shapiro cross-questioned Detective Vannatter about alleged links with the Mafia. And Mark Fuhrman, the police officer accused by the defence of racism, raised the spectre of legal action against Shapiro for the allegations made against him.

After the trial, Shapiro distanced himself from Cochran's racism allegations.

Of the trial, Shapiro commented: “Legally, the result of the trial is correct.

“This was a solid case of reasonable doubt, and I knew that before the trial itself ever began.

“Based on the evidence which was presented to this jury, 'not guilty' was the only verdict that could have been returned.”

Wood said a venue and exact time for the talk would be decided once he had worked out the likely attendance figures.

Contact 0171 7060644 for more details.