Litigation Personal Injury 06/08/96

Smith v John Dee – QBD 8 July 1996

Claimant: William Smith, 6Incident: Road traffic accident

Injuries: Claimant injured when his pick up truck was in collision with lorry; sustained severely wrenched neck and trapped nerve roots

Award: £49,200 (agreed damages)

Judge: Mr J Griffiths-Williams QC (sitting as deputy High Court judge)

Plaintiff's solicitor: AE Wyeth & Co

Plaintiff's counsel: Edward Southwell

Gourlay v Gloucestershire Health Authority – QBD 8 July 1996

Claimant: Stuart Gourlay, 3Incident: Medical negligence

Injuries: Claimant, a former Rugby Union scrum half, suffered broken right leg in two places during tackle; underwent treatment at Cheltenham General Hospital including seven operations but bones failed to unite; claimed failure to treat his injury properly forced him to abandon rugby career; he now suffers pain when walking

Award: £90,000 (agreed damages)

Judge: Mr Justice Rougier

Plaintiff's solicitor: Kingsley Napley

Plaintiff's counsel: Charles Utley

Ahmed v East Hertfordshire Health Authority – QBD 18 July

Claimant: Mrs Rafaquat Ahmed, 3Incident: Medical negligence

Injuries: Claim on behalf of plaintiff's estate by her family; plaintiff consulted doctors over breast lump; doctors recommended it should be removed but diagnosed it as unlikely to be malignant and so non urgent; on removal lump found to be inoperable cancer; plaintiff died from cancer which it was claimed could have been avoided had treatment taken place eight months earlier

Award: £85,000 agreed damages

Judge: Mr Justice Waterhouse

Plaintiff's solicitor: Tilley & Co (St Albans)