Two mergers, two stories

The mergers just keep coming. On the same day as 11 New Square and 11 Old Square joined to become Radcliffe Chambers, Two Field Court and 17 Bedford Row merged to form Field Court Chambers.

But the stories of the two mergers are somewhat different. Radcliffe sees two solid, but low-profile, chancery sets merge to create a chambers large enough to be a competitor to the major players such as Maitland Chambers.

Field Court’s foundation follows the loss of Two Field Court’s head of chambers Ashley Underwood QC to Landmark Chambers. That left Two Field Court with just one silk, Lucy Theis QC, who has become head of the merged set.

The two halves of Field Court do have complementary strengths. Two Field Court was a public law specialist, while 17 Bedford Row focused on child law. Together they form a 47-strong common law set, but Theis is still the only silk.

The merger is another example of the way small barristers’ chambers will have to seek consolidation to compete and survive in the modern litigation world.