Crossley avoids red card

Hammonds’ victory over the Football League in the High Court was swiftly followed this week by its best results for some time. The firm does not yet know if it has to fight the Football League on appeal. The Football League, citing the World Cup as its excuse for needing more time, succeeded in obtaining six weeks to file its application.

The question arises as to what would have happened if Hammonds had lost the case, brought against its 2000 merger partner Edge Ellison. The damages would have been paid by the firm’s insurers, but sources suggest that managing partner Peter Crossley, who chose to fight the case all the way, would have been prepared to resign for his bullishness.

It would have been very unfortunate for Hammonds to lose Crossley just as the firm was beginning its resurgence, particularly as the Edge Ellison merger was driven by Hammonds’ previous management team of Richard Burns and Chris Jones. Luckily, it remains a hypothetical situation. Pending any possible appeal.