SPG 'sold out' to Law Society says member

A FOUNDER member of the Sole Practitioners Group is considering resigning from the committee because he claims it has been hijacked by the Law Society.

Leslie Dubow says the SPG, which has been beset with internal squabbles, has no future as an effective forum for small firms.

In a separate development vice-chair Naomi Turl is planning to fight proposals that will force her to pay u1,500 for sending out a circular letter to members following last year's controversial election.

Turl says the letter was sanctioned by chair Arnold Rosen and was vetted and approved by Jane Hern, the Law Society's assistant secretary general. But committee members claim that it was sent ultra vires.

“If they carry out their threat to make me pay, I'll see them in court,” she says.

Dubow's biggest complaint is that the group has “sold out to the Law Society” by accepting funding and by banning non-society members from joining.

John Lymbury, Nottingham-based practitioner and SPG spokesman, says members have been concerned about the direction of the group but the recent reorganisation into sub-committees should allow progress to be made.