Lawyers worried by misleading property ads

LAWYERS have hit out at a spate of misleading advertisements which suggest that unregistered properties are “unowned”.

A number of solicitors have contacted HM Land Registry to complain after private clients were left thinking their homes were up for grabs.

Peter Holt, a partner at Manchester-based Grundy Kershaw, says advertisements have given details of how properties could be claimed.

“It really is a shocker. Clients rang up thinking they were in danger of losing their properties. When you are in your 80s that just isn't funny,” he says.

“There is no danger that people will lose their properties but that doesn't stop them worrying,” he says.

The Land Registry is also concerned because readers could be misled into paying for literature which is available free.

Eric Davies, spokesman for the Land Registry, is urging solicitors who spot misleading adverts to get in touch with their local district office.

Davies says the Land Registry has been in touch with the Advertising Standards Authority about the issue.