Remember the whippets? After commissioning those Saatchi people to announce its arrival in London with an ad-fest featuring small Northern dogs, Hammond Suddards Edge has gone even more Yorkshire by restyling itself on a popular brand of brown sauce from the region.

Can it be more than coincidence that the firm, now simply known as Hammonds, shares its name with Hammonds, the brown sauce from the North, a condiment so Yorkshire it once even had its own brass band in the region?

Tulkinghorn would like to suggest that Hammonds, the law firm, asks Hammonds, the sauce maker, if it would be possible to incorporate something of the condiment into its new logo. After all, what could be bad about a law firm that reminds its clients of nice hot chips?

Tulkinghorn's art department, knowing just how much the firm paid Saatchi & Saatchi to come up with the whippets, has kindly put together its own suggestion to continue the firm's love affair with the land of the pie-eaters.