Law Soc sponsors second workshop visit to Kazakhstan

The Law Society is sponsoring its second visit to Kazakhstan with its Book Bus and Bar Leadership project visiting the Central Asian country this week.

The project involves a team of 19 young UK solicitors, trainee solicitors and law students running workshops on comparative UK and Kazakhstan law.

The group will also be distributing free law books to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan students attending the workshops.

In addition, the College of Law is running a pilot video training course in Kazakhstan which is jointly sponsored by the Law Society.

The Book Bus and Bar Leadership project visited Uzbekistan last year and its workshops were attended by more than 120 people. This year the Law Society expects around 140 delegates.

Fiona Mackenzie, international liaison officer at the society, said the ongoing central Asia visits would establish strong relationships with the UK and Europe and would help “underpin trade” in the mineral-rich region.

Mackenzie said the visits had already led to an “embryonic” international network of students in central Asia and Transcaucasia. Known as the Central Asian Law Students Association, the network will eventually link up with the European Law Student Association.