Scots desire foreign partners

It is presently illegal for Scottish law firms to form partnerships with lawyers from overseas.
McAllister has argued that current regulation is hindering Scotland's law firms from playing a full part in the international arena.
He said that although firms can set up offices in other jurisdictions staffed by Scottish lawyers, should those firms enter into partnerships with any foreign lawyers they could be prosecuted.
According to McAllister, Scottish solicitors cannot join an 'unqualified person' in business. In this context, the term 'unqualified' is understood to mean a lawyer who is not regulated by the Scottish Law Society. McAllister believes that this restricts law firms growing beyond Scotland and precludes foreign firms entering the Scottish market.
He said: “Scottish solicitors are highly regarded the world over and already contribute a great deal to the international commercial world by advising clients in international and multinational contracts. Yet they cannot gain a proper foothold abroad by joining forces with established firms in other countries and forming multinational practices.”