Bartlett in professional negligence firing line

Chester firm Bartlett & Son could face a professional negligence claim after losing a time-wasting appeal at the hands of James Chapman & Co, according to the Court of Appeal.

Should the client pursue it, the claim will come from a girl who in 1994, then aged three, was injured in a car accident and instructed Bartlett in her personal injury claim.
The claim was brought against insurer Zurich Mun-icipal, represented by James Chapman partner Sharon Kamil. Bartlett failed to turn up to two case management conferences, leading the claim to be struck out in 1999.
Bartlett issued a second identical set of proceedings on behalf of the girl in August 2000, which were once again struck out. Bartlett appealed this decision in October 2001, but James Chapman argued on behalf of Zurich that there were no grounds for appeal. The claim against Zurich has now been dismissed.
The judge then ruled that Bartlett's client had a very strong professional negligence claim against the firm.