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Parole Board decision quashed on grounds of procedural unfairness

In R(Grinham) v the Parole Board of England & Wales and the Secretary of State for Justice [2020] EWHC 2140 (Admin) the High Court quashed a decision of the Parole Board where it found that a prisoner’s oral hearing and a subsequent decision, refusing his release, had been marred by procedural unfairness.

Second package of Covid-19 related state aid measures adopted by the Serbian government

On its session held on 30 July 2020, the Serbian Government adopted the Conclusion no. 05 401-6052 / 2020 (the ”Conclusion” or ”Second Package”), which extends the application of the first package of direct and fiscal benefits to business entities in the private sector, that was introduced in the Decree on Fiscal Benefits and Direct Aid to Companies in the Private Sector and Monetary Aid to Citizens Aimed at Reducing Economic Consequences due to COVID-19 (the “First Package”).

GDPR and the Cayman Data Protection Law for Insurance Managers (and clients)

The General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679, or GDPR, is a set of EU regulations aimed at the protection of personal data and privacy of natural persons (not corporations) based within the EU. The GDPR has extraterritorial effect in that it applies to the processing of personal data of persons who are situated in the EU […]

Merck vs MSD – When is online use considered use in Switzerland?

In its landmark decision of 29 April 2020, the Swiss Federal Supreme Court held that the online use of a trademark or other sign must have a commercial effect in Switzerland for such use to be considered use in Switzerland. A global website targeted at a worldwide audience may have a commercial effect in Switzerland.

Antitrust Review 2021 – Portugal

This article summarises the legislative developments and the main investigations carried out during 2019 by the Portuguese Competition Authority (PCA).


Human rights pay price of cost curbs

US lawyers believe that introducing a public defender system in Britain would be a mistake, writes Morag Preston. Nobody is surprised when the UK takes its lead from the US. British pubs, shops and television channels have all been revamped the US way. Now it is the turn of the British justice system. But some […]

Protecting the debtor

Anne McGrath says insolvency law reform is still high up on the Government’s agenda. The Queen’s Speech has come and gone with n’er a royal whisper of the proposed reform of insolvency law, which Secretary of State for Trade and Peter Mandleson have been strongly pushing for. But the DTI has confirmed that it is […]

In brief: Human Rights Institute workload rises

The Human Rights Institute (HRI) has sent out 30 letters of protest concerning specific human rights violations involving lawyers, compared to 15 in 1995. Similarly, early reports of statistics for the period 1997/98 from the International Commission of Jurist’s publication Attacks on Justice, show a marked increase from their figures for 1996.


Bancassurance under supervision

With the merging of the banking and insurance concerns, regulators will have their hands full, warns Graham Wedlake. Graham Wedlake is head of banking at Barlow Lyde & Gilbert. In recent years there has been an increasing overlap of the activities of banks and insurers. Bancassurance, as it has become known, has become the holy […]

Clifford Chance in Korean liberalisation drive

Clifford Chance is spearheading an attempt to lobby the South Korean authorities for liberalisation of the country’s legal market. Foreign firms are currently forbidden from establishing permanent offices in the country or practising local law. James Walker, head of Clifford Chance’s Korea practice which is based in Hong Kong, says the firm recently persuaded EU […]

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