Police want to trace the owner of a “lawyers bodkin”

Police are trying to trace the original owner of a “lawyers bodkin” which they believe was used to stab a London teenager to death.

The tool was found at the scene of the murder of 17-year-old Dean Martindale who was stabbed after a fight with four youths in Brixton last month.

Police believe it is either a lawyers bodkin or a saddlers yawl, and although a youth has been arrested in connection with the murder, they are keen to find its original owner.

Lawyers bodkins were traditionally used when bundling court documents together but, according to Adrian Parkhouse, the head of litigation at 300-year-old firm Farrer & Co, they are rarely used now.

“They were used to drive holes through documents and then thread the ribbon through,” he said.

The implement has a light coloured wooden handle, a brass collar and a steel shaft about four inches long with an eye half an inch from the point. The word “overseas” is engraved on the handle.

Anyone with any information about the implement should ring Detective Inspector Adrian Pardoe-Blackledge on 0181 247 8073 or, anonymously, Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.