Dibbs associate denies al-Muhajiroun link

DIBB Lupton Alsop associate Makbool Javaid has accused an extreme Islamic group of exaggerating his links with it in order to gain credibility.

Javaid, who is still discussing his future with senior partners at Dibbs, hit the headlines last month because of his alleged close involvement with the London-based al-Muhajiroun group, which supports the international terrorist Osama bin Laden.

Ten days ago he cut short a holiday in Pakistan to publicly distance himself from al-Muhajiroun and brief partners at his firm on the nature of his links with the group.

He said he had never been a member of the group but had attended some of its demonstrations in a legal capacity. “When groups like this have demonstrations they need lawyers to attend to act as observers,” he said. “Now it has started to use my name in order to gain credibility.”

In a statement issued through Bindman & Partners, the discrimination law specialist stated that he would be seeking retractions by the newspapers which had portrayed him as a being a leading member of the group.

Javaid said: “I have never supported any form of violence let alone terrorism. I had never even heard of Osama bin Laden until recent press coverage of the East Africa atrocities.”

He added that he has now severed all connection with al-Muhajiroun.