Field Fisher and European Legal Alliance step up US strategy a gear

Partners from Field Fisher Waterhouse (FFW) and the European Legal Alliance (ELA) will fly to New York this month to beauty parade US law firms, with the aim of extending the reach of the alliance in the US.

“The US strategy is very important for the alliance,” a member of the ELA’s executive committee told The Lawyer. “This is a roadshow for a number of US firms with whom we’re establishing new relationships. Not really a merger, but like the alliance is not a merger – a compromise bet-ween a merger and a network.”

The delegation will spend one week in New York presenting to firms without a presence in the EU. At least one representative from the corporate or IP teams of each alliance firm will attend.

Corporate partners Andrew Blankfield and Chris Jackson will represent FFW in the meetings, together with representatives from Ireland’s Beauchamps Solicitors, Germany’s Buse Heberer Fromm, France’s Dubarry Le Douarin Veil, Scotland’s Harper Macleod, Spain’s Jiménez de Parga Abogados, Italy’s La Scala & Associati and Belgium’s Verhaegen Walravens.