Cannes of firms

Following the resounding success of The Lawyer’s inaugural internet-based diary (for the uninitiated, Tulkinghorn is assured the correct technical term is ‘blog’, deriving from ‘web log’), Tulkinghorn is delighted to offer the final few fragments of scurrilous gossip emanating from Mipim in that fleshpot of the south, Cannes.

Official delegates numbered 21,000 and unofficial ones were thousands more, and the overriding majority were male. One City property practice found a novel way to network, taking a predominately young and female team. “The doors that open is just amazing. You get to talk to such a wide variety of people with them,” said one source.

It was blushes for CMS Cameron McKenna at Mipim when the corporate credit card failed, much to the bemusement of the clients the team was entertaining. Thankfully for the firm, a personal credit card was quick to the rescue, and the receipt was very carefully and safely tucked away.

Another firm doing its best to make its clients laugh was Davies Arnold Cooper. One partner failed to adjust to the aesthetically pleasing designs of the villa gardens at the King Sturge party, plunging knee-deep into a water fountain next to the chief executive officer of the firm’s major client. At least there were no reports of partners falling off the jetty this year, unlike an anonymous German partner from a prominent City firm in 2005, which was still causing giggles this year.

The hours US firms’ associates put in are well documented, and that may have been the basis for a 24-hour bender one US associate put himself on for the final day. A late night at The Martinez turned into an early breakfast (complete with Bloody Mary), which turned into a boozy lunch, which turned into another night at The Martinez. He was obviously well accustomed to pulling 24-hour shifts, albeit not normally with the pleasures available on the Croisette.