Gobsmacked over headline

I was somewhat surprised to see that I had “resigned” as head of chambers (The Lawyer, 20 March). I don’t think I have resigned from anything in my life.

In this case I have had 25 years of success and pleasure, first at 19 Old Buildings and subsequently at 11 Stone Buildings and I felt that the time had come to step down.

The announcement came as a surprise to everyone in chambers, the word “gobsmacked” being singularly appropriate. My obvious successor was Murray Rosen who received unanimous approval.

They are a great bunch (even the barristers) and if Murray gets half the fun out of it that I did he will be doing well. Enjoy!

Michael Beckman QC, 11 Stone Buildings

Editor’s response: The Collins English Dictionary defines ‘resign’ as “to give up tenure (of a job, office, etc)” which appears to be exactly what you did.