Couple sues firm for severe 'disruption' of lives

A FIRM is being sued over a property deal which allegedly caused a couple to live and work from a hotel for a month and twice postpone a holiday to Italy.

The writ, drawn up by Islington-based Bolt Burdon, has been issued against Chesham firm Richardson Smith & Co.

Richardson Smith partner Linda Wood says the action alleging negligence and/or breach of contract will be strongly defended.

The writ alleges the firm caused the plaintiffs, business partners Philip and Sally Rigby, to suffer “severe disruption of both their personal and business lives” over the handling of a property sale.

It says the couple hired the firm to act for them in the purchase of a property in Gloucestershire.

On the day set for completion, however, work on the property had not been finished and the couple were forced to stay in a hotel for a month.

The plaintiffs allege errors in the contract caused the delay and prevented them from claiming compensation for the expense of delaying the move.