ASIM day sets out investment regulations

THE Association of Investment Managers held a 'Meet the Law Society' day last month, attended by key society figures, to discuss investment business regulations.

Among the 50 ASIM members attending, Andrew Curtis of Somerset firm Clarke Willmott & Clarke welcomed the opportunity to discuss the issues. "I come from a financial background and the society's rules are very different and very stringent.

"I wanted to know not only the ethos and philosophy of the legal culture, but also what the society was looking at for the future."

Alison Matthews, the society's financial services guidance executive said non-solicitors had to understand the profession's approach. "Non-solicitors must understand our culture. This is an area of concern."

She pointed out that recruitment and supervision were the duty of solicitors' practices. The society could only regulate and discipline.

Among society representatives attending were John Randall, director of professional standards and development, and Bob Butler, head of the monitoring unit. The event was chaired by ASIM member John Morton of Brachers in Maidstone.