Tulkinghorn has just cause to feel full of pride this week because a crack team of his finest hacks, not to mention a couple of Reed Smith Richards Butler movie buffs, were victorious in a recent film quiz held at the Bafta headquarters on London’s Piccadilly.

Hosted by Reed Smith corporate head David Boutcher, the quiz was organised to raise cash and promote awareness for children’s charity PiggyBankKids.

And with the great and the good from such esteemed organisations as KPMG, L’Oreal and the BBC in attendance, the night certainly raised awareness – and it managed to raise more than £10,000 in the process.

This was another stellar performance from the most excellent Tulkinghorn team, which first won the title two years ago. The evening’s co-host, the star of The Fast Show Arabella Weir, is still recovering from sharing in their jubilation.

The excitement just about managed to mask an embarrassing gaff by the quizmasters, who managed to spell Reed Smith’s home town, Pittsburgh without an ‘h’.

Reed Smith executive committee member and Pittsburgh native Tom Fox was quick to point out the error, only to receive a torrent of abuse for his efforts. It was hardly the most cutting of heckles.

Tulkinghorn’s scribes were more concerned with (and baffled about) how Alfred Hitchcock was born without a bellybutton.