Ashurst partners want rub of the green

Ashurst partners want rub of the green” />All of Ashurst’s 132 equity partners will meet senior partner Geoffrey Green over the coming months as part of the top 10 firm’s far-reaching lockstep review, which will rebase partnership points to a 25-65 point scale from its present 20-50 range. They are going to have to prove their value to the partnership.

But how does one do this? Ashurst is not so vulgar as to think in purely monetary terms.

Value is appraised in five different ways by Green: he probes partners’ client-facing skills, business development skills, technical expertise, market reputation and contribution to firm initiatives. Billable hours are notable by their absence on the list.

But let it not be said that the firm is inconsistent: all of Ashurst’s associates are appraised using very similar measures. Bonuses, pay and charge-out rates depend on how well associates meet targets set in performance guidelines.