Government reforms give rise to new PI group

A group of senior clinical and medical negligence lawyers has been established as support for the longstanding Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (Apil).

It has been established under the chairmanship of Charles Russell‘s head of litigation Richard Vallance in reaction to a controversial Government consultation document proposing reform to the handling of clinical negligence cases.
The Clinical Negligence Claimants Practitioners’ Group, as it is known, comprises 16 senior personal injury (PI) lawyers. Members include Russell Levy of Leigh Day & Co, Tom Osborne of Osborne Morris & Morgan, Julia Cahill of Kingsley Napley Solicitors and Freethcartwright’s Paul Balen. Its members will fight for issues and represent the profession alongside Apil.
The two groups are said not to be in competition and have worked together on their responses to the reconsultation paper.