Tulkinghorn: Gene therapy

As far as Tulkinghorn understands, private equity giant Bain Capital is still on the hunt for a general counsel.

But being a top-notch lawyer is no longer enough to cut it apparently.

According to one of Tulkinghorn’s spies, the lawyers over at Bain stateside need to have an appetite for destruction (as well as management buyouts, of course).

“Why is this?” you reasonably ask.

It’s because they like nothing better than hanging out backstage with Gene Simmons – he of every suburban American kid’s favourite band Kiss. Last time they even engaged in a bit of tongues-out photo action with the rock legend.

Crazy, crazy nights in private equity.

Separate issues

Who better to offer tips to couples on how they can stay together than a top divorce lawyer?

Well, Tulkinghorn could think of a few examples, such as maybe a friend, a marriage guidance ­counsellor, or indeed ­anyone whose sole aim in life is not to profit from others’ misfortune.

But this apparent ­stumbling block hasn’t put the dampers on the ­burgeoning second career of Russell Jones & Walker (RJW) family team ­national head and divorce lawyer extraordinaire Amanda McAlister.

As an RJW insider recently told Tulkinghorn: “She’s giving tips on ­marriage and divorce in Red magazine.”

Marriages across the land are surely now secure.

Double time

Travers Smith senior ­partner Chris Carroll can usually be relied on to be a man of refined tastes. Tulkinghorn for one has always regarded him as one who delights in upholding impeccable standards of etiquette, even as those of his peers are slipping.

Yet Carroll was spied at a recent event looking like he had just walked off a football pitch. No, he wasn’t showing off those well-toned calves or ­slumming it in a velour trackie. He was –
referee-style – wearing two watches.

Tulkinghorn can hardly imagine Carroll running the length of a pitch after some preppy footballers. Frankly, it just isn’t cricket.

So now he is wondering whether Carroll, no longer fee-earning, has taken up a sideline in selling ­watches to subsidise his falling income? ­Tulkinghorn could only see as far as his cuffs, but presumably both arms were timepiece-swathed.