Withers withered

Now this is more like it. Most weeks Tulkinghorn can be found penning withering words about the inanities and general crassness of most PRs. So how refreshing it is to report that one example of the art has reached his attention which displays the downright mean-spiritedness and back-biting that is so beloved by the journalistic trade – not to mention the legal profession.

A release from Mattison Public Relations picked the proper way to sell a story – slag off the opposition. The release soberly recounted the arrival at Trowers & Hamlins of private client lawyer Robert Brodrick from Withers. The accompanying email, however, sniped: “I hope this is of interest. As well as losing these two senior private client lawyers recently, Withers has also just lost Guy Hurst, a member of its landed estates team, who left to become a partner at Dawsons.” God bless ’em – and keep it up.