Government to hike civil court fees

Civil court fees are set to rise from 4 January, it was announced this morning (30 November).

In the revised civil court fees, first outlined in May 2004 but unveiled by the government today, new fees have been introduced in a number of areas. These include money claims in the High Court valued at £200,000 or more, with the highest fee being £1,700 for claims valued at £300,000 and above.

Existing court fees are doubled for filing an appellant’s or respondent’s notice, with these going up from £100 to £200. The cost of applications for permission to appeal will rise by the same amount.

Meanwhile filing an appeal notice where permission is not required will cost £400 under the new fees, instead of the £200 it currently costs.

However proposals to introduce an hourly trial fee have been postponed, and this fee will now be brought in in April next year.