B&M saves £250K on toilet roll

Baker & McKenzie’s (B&M) London office has saved itself almost £250,000 on notepaper and toilet roll.

The firm paid a fee of around a tenth of that to procurement specialist Amethyst, which is in the midst of a programme to streamline B&M’s procurement expenses.

B&M’s stationery and cleaning contracts were the first to be targeted in a full-scale review of London’s costs. Travel, catering and utilities will be the next to be tackled.

“Lawyers in the past have been very focused on fee generation. Procurement, as you’d find in a big plc, hasn’t been top of the list, and commercially there are obvious benefits,” said Amethyst director Mike Watson.

B&M’s stationery and cleaning contracts were worth around £500,000 each. After dumping one supplier and negotiating terms with the other, the partnership has saved itself almost 25 per cent.

Watson added: “Partner-ships are very different. What you find with some partnerships is that they might have six or seven offices which operate with an element of autonomy, and pulling them together is a new cultural phenomenon for them.”