Hodgart Consulting merges with US firm Hildebrandt

A UK and a US legal consulting firm are merging to form what will be the largest consultancy of its kind in the world.

UK firm Hodgart Consulting is merging with Hildebrandt of the US on 1 May to form Hildebrandt International in the first transatlantic union of legal consultants.

Francis Quinlan, a senior consultant with Hodgart, says the transatlantic element of the merger is “hugely important”.

“At the top end of our market we are operating internationally for globally focused and globally ambitious firms, so a deep knowledge of the US marketplace is important and that's why Hildebrandt is attractive to us,” he says.

Hildebrandt has concentrated its business on law firms, while Hodgart has a more varied client base, including accountants, MDPs and surveyors.

According to Quinlan, Hodgart has a “strategic, high level focus”, advising on mergers, organisation and practice development. This will now be complemented by Hildebrandt's wider range of services, including advice on information technology.

Hildebrandt International is opening a New York office to add to its current offices in Chicago, San Francisco,

New Jersey and Florida. The company will maintain Hodgart's office in London, and plans to open an office in Germany.