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Government makes it easier for manufacturers to offer PPE on the European market

Following a European Commission Recommendation published on 13 March 2020 (EC Recommendation), the government have taken steps to relax regulatory requirements in relation to the production of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during the pandemic. The changes enable manufacturers to place PPE on the market more quickly in an effort to meet the ever increasing demand […]

Angola: banking regulations 2020

The Angolan banking system now comprises 26 banks, it being widely agreed that Angola’s banking institutions will need to continue their consolidation over the next few years – particularly considering that Angolan banking institutions still have a high rate of nonperforming loans (NPLs), despite the 5% reduction in 2018, and are being required to comply with international best practices and standards issued by the Basel Committee on banking supervision.

Changes in the real estate landscape

The past week has seen significant changes for all involved in real estate. This article summaries the key points owners and their advisors need to know.

Coronavirus Angola: Measures on commercial activity

In the context of mitigating the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economy, the Ministry of Commerce has approved Executive Decree No. 143/ 20 of 9 April, which establishes a set of measures aimed at maintaining commercial activity across the whole country during the State of Emergency.

Resolving multi-party and multi-contract disputes

Which of the ICC, LCIA, HKIAC and SIAC rules, if any, is most adapted to resolving multi-party and multi-contract disputes? Multi-party arbitration may occur under the situations; (i) several parties to single contract “multi-party arbitration” and (ii) several parties to several contracts “multi-contract arbitration”. Due to the involvement of more than one party in the […]


Shipping tycoon may have to foot the bill

Roger Pearson reports an Appeal Court ruling that a Greek shipping tycoon can be called to account for a £2.5m legal bill. The Appeal Court has ruled that a Greek shipping tycoon can be held personally liable for a £2.5m legal bill, even though he was not a named party in a claim against his […]

Further Scottish court chaos averted

In a 30 second hearing, senior Scottish judges ruled that decisions made by Scotland’s temporary sheriffs for the past 22 years were not invalid. The court pledged to provide reasons for its decision later. It was claimed in the case that the use of temporary sheriffs contravened the Sheriff Courts (Scotland) Act 1971, which allows […]

Case of the week

Jeremy Guscott, the former England rugby star and presenter of Gladiators, entered the witness box to tell a jury he acted in self-defence when he grabbed hold of an antiques dealer who stepped in front of his car. Guscott denies causing actual bodily harm. Ken Jones’ ankle was broken in the alleged attack which happened […]

Democracy wins over dictatorship

Michael Walker is managing partner at Maclay Murray & Spens. Winston Churchill and Bill Tudor John (former senior partner at Allen & Overy) are examples of democracy in action. The temptation of anyone managing a legal firm nowadays is to point to the slowing effect on progress that democracy can have. How, say the cadre […]

Family feuds and fire

Matt Barnard reports on the Thyssen-Bornemisza family saga and the Commonwealth’s most expensive litigation. The normally closed world of some of the richest individuals and companies associated with the island of Bermuda has been prised open. Two cases have attracted global interest and drawn a large number of the UK legal community to the other […]

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