McGrigors loses Macpherson

The managing partner of Scottish firm McGrigors, Shonaig Macpherson, has resigned and will leave at the end of September.

The news coincides with the departure of KLegal International chief executive Robert Glennie, who will also leave the firm after the collapse of the international network effectively left him without a role.

The news of the exit of Macpherson is a potentially devastating blow. A partner close to the firm said: “Shonaig’s departure may be felt even more than Glennie’s, certainly in Scotland, where she is an acknowledged figurehead.”

McGrigors will be financially independent from KPMG by 1 October 2004 and, as the source added: “McGrigors can’t afford to carry non-fee-earners. Glennie hasn’t fee-earned for at least two years.”

Macpherson has also been in a non-fee-earning role as managing partner but is one of Scotland’s best-known lawyers. She will spend her remaining months working on realigning the relationship with KPMG.

“I decided a long time ago I would go when I was 45, and that happened last September,” said Macpherson. “I stayed to ensure the new arrangements with KPMG were in place. I still have a business to run.”

An election to find Macpherson’s successor will be held in the summer. The news follows last week’s departure of three partners, Philip Rogers, Moray MacPherson and Peter Bradley, from McGrigors’ London office.

All three departures were related to a restructuring ahead of the new arrangements at the beginning of April concerning the firm’s regulatory separation from KPMG.