Jaws free

Offshore jurisdictions might have taken a bit of a battering in
the press post-Parmalat, with allegations of dubious practices (all unfairly, of course, as Tulkinghorn maintains), but at least the lawyers in those often far-flung and sun-drenched places can fall back on the odd (and we mean odd) compensatory leisure pursuit.

Take entertaining. Instead of a box at the opera or Arsenal, offshore lawyers prefer to take their clients fishing. A few relaxing hours by the riverbank, perhaps, chatting about the state of the economy. It’s guaranteed to help cement those client relationships. That is, unless you’re a lawyer at Cayman Islands firm Walkers. That firm literally has bigger fish to fry – or at least catch.

Those wild guys like to crank up the excitement levels a notch or two by taking their clients shark fishing. One of the firm’s clients, Credit Suisse First Boston (CSFB) director David Jansky, has a five-foot specimen which he caught off the Florida coast parked proudly on the wall of the CSFB trading floor in New York.

Yes, it’s a fish out of water, but somehow Tulkinghorn feels the poor bugger feels right at home.