Morgan Cole chairman hands over reins

MORGAN Cole chairman John Bowen, who steered his firm through the merger last year, is to step down.

Morgan Bruce, Bowen's former firm, merged with Cole & Cole in November as part of a bid to dominate the M4 corridor.

He is handing over his co-chairmanship to Guy Clarke, former managing partner at Morgan Bruce.

Bowen's new position will be as consultant for the next five years.

Bowen explains: “We decided at the time of the merger to have two chairs for two years – one from each partnership – working very closely together.”

Co-chairman John Moisson says the firm is keeping its eye open for expansion opportunities: “The South East is extraordinarily busy.”

Moisson, who describes his role as “ambassador to the local market”, says Morgan Cole has raised its profile in hi-tech, corporate and property work.

He says the firm has links abroad and will talk to anyone about strengthening its position. However, he points out that there are no gaping holes to be filled.

Bowen, who is retiring from his current post, will remain as a consultant to the firm, working from home with “electronic kits”.

Morgan Bruce built its practice through mergers.

The 57-partner firm had offices in Cardiff, London, Swansea and Newport when it merged with Cole & Cole, with 35 partners, and offices in Oxford, Reading and Croydon.