Macfarlanes picks up DAC head of IT

Davies Arnold Cooper has lost another of its senior lawyers with the departure of its head of IT to Macfarlanes.

Maurice Millen has been at Davies Arnold Cooper's London office for three years and will join Macfarlanes in May to replace Peter Crane who is to become a consultant.

Millen says his move is not connected to DAC's recent spate of redundancies. He says: “I was getting tired of doing the same projects all the time.”

Paul Pippen, in-coming managing partner at Macfarlanes, says Millen will head a team of 12.

Nick Sinfield, managing director at DAC, says: “It is always a great shame when people leave the firm.

“But IT is such a volatile field that people do move around. We are committed to IT at DAC and I would guess that our spend over the past two years would have been greater than firms of a similar nature.