Law Society in £45,000 Disney spend

THE LAW Society is spending tens of thousands of pounds to send council members and their spouses to its annual conference in Disneyland Paris.

The final bill could be as high as £45,000, admits the society. Sources claim the figure could be nearer £90,000.

This year's conference has been revamped and rebranded as the Solicitors' Law Festival in an attempt to make it more popular. The three days in October will cost £350, which includes admission to the theme park.

Society vice-president Robert Sayer says the cost would only reach £45,000 if all 70 council members went and took their spouses with them. He denies the total bill could be anywhere near £90,000.

“From an outsider's point of view, it may seem like everybody is having a lark but it will probably be the hardest work of any conference.”

He points out that historically council members have always had their expenses paid when attending the annual conference.

But Martin Mears, former president of the society, says: “It's absurd. Who will be going? Not the legal aid solicitors on £20,000 a year.”