Litigation Personal Injury 7/4/98

Pearson v British Midland Airways QBD 9 February 1998

Claimant: Graham Pearson, 39

Incident: Post-traumatic stress

Injuries: Claimant has suffered post-traumatic stress disorder ever since the Kegworth air disaster in 1989, which killed 47 people. For three and a half hours he helped rescue people dead, alive and seriously maimed. As a result he has given up his job as a kitchen salesman and suffers nightmares. Court told he suffered disturbed sleep, intrusive memories, depression and profound sense of guilt that he could have done more to help. Judge commented: "Our legal system of law is not generous to people who are forced to live a recurring nightmare"

Award: £46,224

Judge: Mr Justice Garland

Plaintiff's counsel: Oliver Segal

Plaintiff's solicitor: Pannone & Partners, Manchester

Lawrence v Worthing District Health Authority QBD 9 February 1998

Claimant: Clarissa Lawrence, 3Incident: Medical negligence

Injuries: Widow claimed doctor who examined her husband on 18 February 1991 was negligent in not prescribing antibiotics and that if he had taken action earlier her husband would not have died of meningitis. The health authority and doctor denied liability

Award: £120,000

Judge: Mr Justice Popplewell

Plaintiff's counsel: David Richardson

Plaintiff's solicitor: Russell Jones & Walker, London

Inman v Cambridge Health Authority QBD 23 January 1998

Claimant: Jamie Inman, Incident: Medical negligence

Injuries: Claimant was born at Cambridge Rosie Maternity Hospital with his umbilical cord wrapped round his neck. He suffered quadriplegic cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair and unable to speak. Cambridge Health Authority admitted liability on basis of delay by midwife. Alleged that had she notified doctor sooner, condition would have been less severe. Claimant's intellectual capacity is not severely impaired and he attends a mainstream school. Family have moved to £200,000 purpose-built house. £58,000 of agreed payment will go to parents

Award: £1,300,000 (agreed damages)

Judge: Mr Justice Eady

Plaintiff's counsel: Gregory Chambers

Plaintiff's solicitor: Cunningham John & Co