Docs Open firm is taken over

Quintec International, a distributor of document management and integration systems, is to be taken over by the US company PC Docs Group International.

Quintec is already the exclusive UK distributor for Docs Open, a document management system created by PC Docs, a subsidiary of PC Docs Group.

The news was welcomed by observers. Simon Kosminsky, information technology director at Wilde Sapte and a founder member of the PC Docs user group, said the take-over should be a good thing for users.

"It shows that PC Docs as a company is taking the UK market very seriously," he said.

In June, Quintec announced record sales of Docs Open and the company also recently became exclusive distributor of CMS Open, a financial information and practice management system designed by CMS/Data Corporation, another subsidiary of PC Docs Group.

The take-over deal was announced at the second meeting of the PC Docs user group this month. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed but they are not expected to adversely affect the company's financial results.

Andrew Lloyd-Skinner, managing director of Quintec International, said: "The Quintec organisation is very excited about the prospects of contributing to such a successful and fast growing company."