India’s largest firm launches offshore outsourcing of legal services

India’s largest law firm Fox Mandal Little has teamed up with the UK-based outsourcing firm Centric, to set up a legal process outsourcing (LPO) firm in the Indian capital.

Fox Mandal and Centric are to join forces with India’s Hinduja group, setting up one of India’s largest LPO firms, which will be based in New Delhi.

Fox Mandal’s head of international practice Som Mandal told The Lawyer: “There has been a lot of buzz in India about LPOs becoming an increasingly big industry over the next few years, which set us thinking.

“Initially, we anticipate that the LPO firm we will start with at least 100 lawyers which should grow to around 2,000 over the next three years. Its main clients will be European and US law firms and in-house legal departments and it will provide services such as research, drafting and legal secretarial work to them.”

Fox Mandal will provide the legal advice to all parties on the three-way joint venture, which will be known as Centric LPO.

Fox Mandal’s outsourcing arm, FMIT, will be party to the joint venture along with Hinduja group’s subsidiary, HTMT Technologies and Centric. FMIT and HTMT will have a 30 per cent stake in the three-way joint venture, with the remaining 40 per cent being owned by Centric.

Mandal said that the outsourcing firm would be launched within the next two weeks.