Litigation Writs 02/04/96

Hampshire solicitors Hugh Harris-Evans, of Southampton, and Alexander Nicholls, of Chandlers Ford, are being sued for £124,000 and damages after forged cheques were paid into their client account. The Royal Bank of Scotland has issued a writ claiming the money and damages from Harris-Evans and Nicholls who trade as Francis Nicholls & Co, and have a client account at the bank's branch in High Street, Southampton. It says two cheques drawn on the Bank of America were presented at the bank's Piccadilly branch, and credited to the firm's client account. They carried the signature of the payee, Carolyn Raskin, but payment was refused by the Bank of America because endorsements on the cheques were forgeries. The writ says Harris-Evans and Nicholls were advised the cheques appeared to be stolen and by presenting them they represented they had title to them. However, it says that the two have failed to repay the money or any part of it.

Writ issued by Davenport Lyons, London W1. R286

Daniel O'Leary, of London N7, is suing the Home Office for negligence over injuries he claims he suffered at HM Prison Highpoint, Suffolk.

Writ issued by Simkins, Baldock, Hertfordshire. O56

Harrogate solicitors Kirbys is being sued for alleged negligence. Jeffrey and Kathleen Carbutt accuse the firm of negligently or in breach of contract failing to warn them that a contemplated legal charge made on 16 March 1990 between them and National Mortgage Bank included both a charge over their home as security for the debts of Grants of Harrogate but also a charge in respect of company debts over other property.

Writ issued by Titley Paver-Crow & Fedden, Harrogate.

Countrywide Surveyors, of Milton Keynes, is being sued for fraud, deceit, breach of contract and negligence over its involvement in connection with the surveying and valuation of flats at Hornchurch, Essex, in 1990. The writ against it has been issued by the Mortgage Funding Corporation, of London EC3.

Writ issued by Lattey & Dawe, London EC2. M39

Suspended solicitor Vinod Kumar is suing former assistant solicitor Ashoo Dua for repayment of a £12,000 loan. Kumar claims she defaulted on agreed monthly installments of £500.

Writ was issued by Kumar in person. K124