VIRTUOSO violinist Damian Falkowski has given up his full-time career in the performing arts to pursue a living which still relies on a great deal of performance.

The musician, who played regularly for the London Symphony Orchestra, has signed up as a tenant at London-based set Barnards Inn Chambers.

He spent 15 years as a freelance violinist before turning his hand to law. And the property specialist says there are many similarities between the two professions.

“I am used to performing in front of large numbers of people so I am certainly not daunted by court appearances.

“As a violinist I was used to having to think on my feet if something unexpected happened during a performance and that is something you also have to do at the Bar.”

Falkowski's careers decision came when he joined a law course as an academic exercise and then decided to pursue his interest in the subject further.

But he has no intention of giving up his music completely. Falkowski remains artistic director of a chamber orchestra and has just returned from Saint Moritz in Switzerland where he combined a skiing holiday with a series of concerts at the resort.

In fact, now he is not playing the violin as a full-time profession, he says he is enjoying music more than ever.