Ackner won't let Mackay off hook

LORD Ackner is pressing for an explanation from the Lord Chancellor for the “continuing delays” in reaching a decision over rights of audience for employed solicitors.

The former Law Lord, who is a staunch opponent of higher court rights for in-house lawyers, has now tabled three parliamentary questions on the thorny issue.

His third question, tabled last week, follows non-committal answers by the Lord Chancellor to his two earlier questions when Lord Mackay neither explained the “delays” nor gave a date for an announcement.

“What are the reasons for the Lord Chancellor's continuing delays in coming to a decision?” Lord Ackner pressed.

Monday this week marks the fifth anniversary of the Law Society's original application for rights of audience for in-house solicitors.

One day all office blocks will be this way. Wilde Sapte's Fleet Place home in the City has been given the Office of the Year Award for having what the judges called a “feeling of integration”. Held by the British Institute of Facilities Management and The Times newspaper, the awards are in their 25th year. Vying for the best existing building prize with Wilde Sapte were the Sony Music Entertainment office in London and the Essex offices of Smithkline Beecham Pharmaceuticals. “Everything fits as part of a whole,” the judges said of the law firm's building.