Pimcroft is called to join Bar

Simon Rogers reports

A new supplier has joined the burgeoning barristers' IT market.

Pimcroft Legal Software plans to launch its Chambers Management System in October at the Bar Conference.

Run by programmer Christian Thomas and ex-chief clerk Perry Coysh, the new package is Windows-based and designed to run on 486 SX PCs. It will run under Novell networks or Windows NT.

Microsoft is closely involved with the product and it integrates with packages such as Excel and Access. The giant corporation is taking a greater interest in the legal market and observers expect to see several products aimed specifically at lawyers soon.

The CMS package aims to involve barristers in the diary system. Thomas says: "Because it runs on PCs, it is not an expense dedicated wholly to the clerks' room."

System users can access a sophisticated diary screen and records tracing paperwork and court action. Barristers' records and a future action file are stored on computer. Barristers working remotely can access the system via a modem.

The company's first client will be 4-5 Gray's Inn Square. Pimcroft does not prescribe hardware brands, but it does promote the new Gateway machines.

Pimcroft will be taking on established suppliers such as ACE, which controls the

majority of the Bar market and operates most of its sites on the old Pick operating system. However, the company's newer Infinity package runs under Unix.

Other competitors include Wildings (which runs a Windows system) and Meridian Law, which runs under Windows or DOS.

The Bar conference exhibition this year has a strong IT slant, with an exhibition including most of the systems.