Litigation Writs 30/08/94

An elderly couple who say they stand to lose their home after taking out a scheme to provide them with an income are suing for damages.

William Hull, 75, and his wife Dorothy, 71, of Sutton, Surrey, have issued a writ against DBS Management plc, and DBS Financial Management Ltd, both of Edgerton, Huddersfield, and employee Richard Panchaud, of Epsom.

The Hulls, described as "financially unsophisticated, with no experience of financial investments," lived on their state pensions and a private pension of u500 a year when they replied to an advert by DBS, the UK's largest network of independent financial advisers, according to the writ.

They say the risks inherent in the scheme were not explained to them and if they had been warned there was a risk they might lose their home they would not have entered into it.

They claim that as a result of the scheme they are subject to a mortgage of u51,000, and have neither income nor capital to discharge their liability.

They seek damages and interest, and a declaration that DBS and Panchaud are liable to indemnify.

Writ issued by Blake Lapthorn, London WC2, agents for Patrick J Solomon, Sutton, Surrey.

Cricketer Allan Lamb is suing Imran Khan for libel damages over remarks he is said to have made which were published in India Today on June 15 this year. He is also seeking an injunction restraining further publication of the words of which he complains.

Khan, of Kensington High Street, London W8, is already being sued for libel by Ian Botham.

Both writs issued by Vallance Lickfolds, London WC1. L1263

Solicitors Ann Farmer and David Maydew are suing accountants Hereward Phillips for damages over alleged negligence in dealing with the books of the firm where they were in partnership.

Farmer and Maydew, in partnership with Patrick Jefferies as Merton Jones Lewsey and Jefferies at High Street, North Finchley, claim Hereward Phillips, their accountants between 1983 and August 1990, were negligent and in breach of contract in respect of issue of certificates in October 1990 stating that their books, accounts and documents complied with the Solicitors' Rules Act 1986.

Writ issued by Wansbroughs Willey Hargrave, London WC2. F578.