Booths brimming with authors

THE PROLIFIC lawyer-writers of Booth & Co in Leeds have penned or contributed to more than one dozen books over the past year.

The family law department has proved particularly industrious, coming up with eight books, two yet to be published.

One of them, the first book by family lawyers on pensions, had to be code-named 'Operation Llama' in correspondence to stop the opposition hearing about the subject matter.

One of its authors, family department associate Helen Jeavons, says: “We identified pensions at that point as being an area of law for family lawyers that was going to become very topical. At the time we didn't want other publishers to know what was being written.”

The pensions department contributed to the book, which has sold more than 1,500 copies, and wrote a couple of its own at the same time.

Jeavons says it is unusual for a single firm to have so many writers and contributors working there at one time. “It's a very big time commitment.”