Desperate measures

KLegal's expansion – well-planned strategy or the whim of a football fan desperate to guarantee himself a ticket to the game?
News reaches Tulkinghorn of the unusual agenda rumoured to be behind KLegal's latest law firm merger with Scottish firm McGrigor Donald. Let us consider the evidence: KLegal managing partner Nick Holt is a Manchester United fan; the Champions League final is to be held at Hampden Park in Glasgow; at the time of its merger with McGrigors, Manchester United was on the cusp of making it to the semi-finals; if the team does get to the final, tickets will be hard to come by, unless you know someone with a connection… such as those football-mad McGrigors partners. There might just be something in that.
Tulkinghorn has never been one to cast aspersions or jump to conclusions, but he now has his eye firmly on KLegal – and Mr Holt in particular. Next year's final is to be held in Manchester, so, Mr Holt, be aware that any merger activity in that area will be viewed suspiciously. But if you are considering expanding northwards, there is a nice little firm called James Chapman & Co, where senior partner Maurice Watkins just happens to be a Manchester United director…