So much for the market

I am somewhat dismayed and astonished by the complete insensitivity of the Law Society training committee chair Simon Baker, maintaining that "the serious over supply of applicants seems to be correcting itself without the need for direct intervention" (The Lawyer 27 February 'Report renews trainee furore').

Surely, Mr Baker seems to forget there are over 12,000 graduates of the LPC/LSF who have been unable to obtain training contracts.

Many of these young people will be unable to qualify as solicitors despite having fulfilled the professional examination requirements.

Rather than be satisfied with the effect of market forces in alleviating the problem, Simon Baker and Richard Holbrooke, chair of the College of Law's management board, should address their concerns to the thousands of individuals disadvantaged by the society's callous disregard of its students.

Alex Weiner

48 Briar Avenue


Hertfordshire WD6 4QT.